eBoost PPC Case Study: A Substantial Uptick for TicketKick



TicketKick.com®, a legal e-service company developed in 2010, had pioneered a cost-effective, simple way for drivers to contest their traffic tickets in California, but was struggling to get its message out to the masses. They were running a Google AdWords campaign in-house, but were missing out on a variety of other online marketing opportunities and overpaying for their ads.


While the idea of fighting traffic tickets certainly wasn’t anything novel, TicketKick’s process was. The issue at hand was convincing potential website visitors that TicketKick offered a legitimate, credible service. The problem was two-fold; TicketKick had to convince people to visit their website, and once there, entice them to call. TicketKick’s employees were extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and engaging, which kept phone conversions high, but the team still needed to get more people calling in.

eBoost Solution

eBoost Consulting started by analyzing TicketKick’s current revenue generation, general strategy, and trajectory to ensure that any marketing initiatives would be aligned with the needs and wants of TicketKick. eBoost worked hand-in-hand with TicketKick to not only increase traffic, but more importantly, to increase their bottom line.

From August 2010 to April 2011, eBoost Consulting continuously optimized the campaigns using geographic targeting, advanced ad scheduling, complex bidding techniques, and proven match type strategy, for the Google, Yahoo! Search and MSN Bing platforms. eBoost worked extensively with TicketKick to increase quality score through organization of the account, relevancy of keywords, quality ad copy and landing page recommendations. eBoost further helped TicketKick gain online exposure by utilizing forms of paid online advertising other than Google search network , including Google content network, interest based audience advertising, click to call ad extensions, and a full display remarketing/retargeting campaign.

The Results

After analyzing TicketKick’s previous campaigns and making some important improvements, we saw paid website traffic from multiple sources increase by 247%. Moreover, by monitoring and constantly tweaking the campaign, cost-per-click was reduced from $1.65 to $1.16. Most importantly, TicketKick’s bottom line increased as overall sales doubled. TicketKick reinvested in its web storefront, and is now able to offer their services online at www.ticketkick.com/getstarted/

Learn more about eBoost Consulting’s PPC approach here.

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