Entrepreneurial Innovation: There’s No Penalty for Failing

eBoost Consulting sponsored SDSU’s Venture Challenge 2012 and had the opportunity to witness young entrepreneurs at their finest as they strive to turn their dreams into reality. After checking out the innovative business plans at the exhibit hall, we learned more about an exciting new entrepreneurial program now available at SDSU. The Zahn Center, is an on-campus business incubator that helps turn entrepreneurial ideas into real companies. In an effort to fuel the growth of these new concepts, this center will provide business resources for students to accelerate their vision. Zahn recently spoke to the SDSU NewsCenter about his main objectives for the center. “There are so many creative people that, if just given an opportunity and a little guidance, will change the world,” Zahn said. “We want to make that happen right here in San Diego, at SDSU.”

Both engineering and business students will form teams that represent their companies. The center will incubate ideas and provide mentoring, prototype assistance and coaching on the business plan process from start to finish.

At eBoost, we have the benefit of risk-taking encouraged throughout our culture to foster confidence in our team’s creative exploration of entrepreneurial ideas. Micha Mikailian, eBoost’s CEO, often says, “‎there’s no penalty for failing. We’d rather have you try something great and fail than do something timid that doesn’t really change anything.” Greatness can be inspired in us all; you just have to be persistent in accomplishing your dreams no matter what happens on your journey to success.

Entrepreneurial Journey

-Allison Heinrich

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    • Johnny Chan
    • April 23, 2012

    Fantastic. I love what Zahn has to say about creatives and how the center intends to lead the change at SDSU.

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