Facebook Ads Data Loss From iOS14.5 Calculator

When Apple released its iOS14.5 update, it completely changed the game for Facebook Ads measurement

Learn more about the iOS14.5 update and how it’s impacting advertisers and users here.

Advertisers are seeing up to 48% less conversions being reported by the Facebook pixel than before the update.

Use the calculator below to find your Facebook Ads conversion data loss after iOS14.5.

Here’s how it works:

This calculator works by looking at your website analytics data vs your Facebook pixel data. It finds the difference between the two pre-iOS14.5 and post iOS14.5 and calculates the difference.

  1. Enter your Facebook Ads pixel data for the two date ranges noted below.
  2. Then enter your analytics data (Google Analytics or whatever you use i.e. Adobe Analytics, Shopify etc.) for the Facebook Ads source/medium for those same date ranges.
  3. The tool will calculate how the ratio has changed post-iOS14.5.

This calculation will reflect the true data loss, isolating for only the iOS14.5 change.

It doesn’t matter if your spend went up or down, if actual performance changed, if other channels scaled up or down etc. This tool will show you the difference in how Facebook is reporting now vs how it reported before, in relation to your analytics source of truth.

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