Facebook Launches Creative Hub for Ad Mockups & Collaboration

December 1, 2016
Posted in Paid Social
December 1, 2016 Ryan Sigler

Facebook Launches Creative Hub for Ad Mockups & Collaboration


This month Facebook officially rolled out Creative Hub – a new way to create mock-ups for ads, share them with anyone and experience your work as though it’s live on Facebook or Instagram.  This is huge for agencies and internal marketers alike. Up until now, in order to see how an ad would render on Facebook, you had to go through the entire campaign creation process. Many people would simply take screenshots of the ad creative setup screen to send to clients/partners for feedback, then repeat the process when launching the campaign.

With Creative Hub, you can mock up ads in any format – from standard link post ads to video ads and carousel creatives on both Instagram and Facebook. From there you can easily share and get feedback from anyone – even if they don’t have a Facebook account. You can then send an ad mock up to a mobile device to tap, scroll, and interact with it as though it’s live.

Also included in Creative Hub is an inspiration gallery of top handpicked creative from various advertisers. Aptly named Get Inspired, it’s a collection of interactive mini case studies sort-able by ad type.


We see this being particularly helpful right now for advertisers using the native Facebook ads platform or Power Editor. For advanced advertisers and those using 3rd party ad management tools, we’re hoping Facebook opens the API for Creative Hub in order to allow us to integrate these tools into our own workflow.

What are your thoughts? Will this be useful in your workflow? What features are you most excited about?