Facebook Mobile Ads – A Big Opportunity Just Got BIGGER

October 14, 2011
Posted in Paid Social
October 14, 2011 Eboost Team

Facebook Mobile Ads – A Big Opportunity Just Got BIGGER

As many of you know, mobile advertising is cheap. Really cheap. With so many new apps and mobile web traffic rising daily, ad inventory (supply) is exceeding demand. This makes mobile a great opportunity for advertisers. Now combine the low price of mobile ads with one of the most targeted ad channels, Facebook Ads, and we have a recipe for success.

Facebook started testing mobile ads in March with their sponsored stories ad type. We’ve been testing them for a while now and the performance has been unprecedented. While others are paying $1.00 per fan on a Page Like campaign, we’re seeing Likes at or under $0.10 with mobile sponsored stories. The average CTR on an external URL Facebook ad is 0.03%. We’re seeing upwards of 10% CTR’s on mobile sponsored stories.

Now while results like these are huge for our clients, Facebook just made it even better. This Wednesday they announced that they’re updating the ad format for mobile page ads to be more visual and show more information about the pages. One look at the new format and I’m sure it’s going to have a huge impact on CTR and ultimately cost per fan.

So what does this mean for advertisers?

I think it can be boiled down into one main point: Brand awareness just got cheaper!

The thing I love about this is that whether you’re a brand new startup with very little capital or you’re a Fortune 500 company, you can get the word out about your brand to a very select audience for very little cash.

Want to learn more about how to get started? Leave a comment below and I’ll personally contact you to set up a free consultation and strategy session to see how the new Facebook mobile page ads can work for you.