Google Ads Asset Library Huge Win For Marketers

December 15, 2021
Posted in Paid Search
December 15, 2021 Jen Lopez

Google Ads Asset Library Huge Win For Marketers

If you’ve used Ads Creative Studio to manage creative for your YouTube, Display or Video campaigns, you may have noticed that in summer of 2021, the Asset Library was introduced. The library is a great place to upload and tweak creatives, keeping everything in a centralized location and giving advertisers the ability to add creative assets across multiple campaigns and ad groups at once.

If you haven’t used Ads Creative Studio yet, you may just be in for a treat! Some members of the search community are now reporting seeing the Asset Library in some of their Google Ads accounts. While we haven’t seen any news from Google on this just yet, it appears that they have added the Asset Library to some Google Ads accounts as a beta. And, as traditionally happens with Google Ads betas – if used enough and if it appears to improve workflows that make advertising easier, it could open up to the masses.

Image Source: Google Ads & Commerce Blog (June 2021)

If introduced fully, this could be a game changer for many advertisers – especially those who struggle with coordinating creative resources. The Asset Library will improve workflows and serve as a creative warehouse for campaigns, even allowing advertisers to make any Standard Rich Media assets dynamic, giving PPC marketers the ability to swap out videos or images across campaigns. The Asset Library will also give advertisers the ability to create and re-use dynamic assets pulled from product shopping feeds. 

Have you seen the Asset Library in any of your Google Ads accounts yet? If not, and you are heavy into using creative across multiple campaign types, it may be worth reaching out to your Google rep to see if your business, or client’s business, is eligible for the beta.