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Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads Management on Google Adwords

Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) through Google AdWords is one of the most effective advertising channels available today. PPC generally produces the highest conversion rates and lowest Cost Per Conversion of any online channel for acquiring new customers.

When it comes to Google Adwords, it pays to hire an expert.


The difference between running an unprofitable campaign and a highly profitable campaign is in the rigorous process of data gathering and optimization – removing keywords and ads that do not work, continually testing, and focusing campaign budget on the most profitable keywords.


Professional campaign management is crucial in a mature and competitive marketplace such as Google Adwords.

eboost consulting has been building and managing professional PPC campaigns on Google AdWords since 2005.


Over that time we have developed a rigorous process for running successful campaigns for businesses focused on Lead Generation and eCommerce consisting of:


- Strategy Development

- Creative Development

- Account Build

- Optimization & Management

Step 1 - Strategy Development

We begin by conducting structured interviews with your team with the objective of learning as much as possible about your Company, Customers, and Competition. We combine this qualitative data with the quantitative data gleaned from market research and Analytics systems.


We then develop a comprehensive campaign strategy including campaign types, budgets, geo-locations and ad copy all geared towards gathering comprehensive data and maximizing ROAS.  

eCommerce Ads on Facebook

Step 2 - Creative Development

We conduct keyword research based on the campaign structure.


Keywords are grouped into tightly-knit ad groups based in order to maximize Quality Score.


We develop a Creative Brief with several versions of ad copy and submit for your approval before building the campaigns within the Adwords interface.

Step 3 - Account Build

We set up accounts in a systematic way, using internal checklists to ensure all aspects of account setup conform to industry best practices.


We work with your developer on technical setup including conversion tracking. If you don't have an internal developer we can help with that too!


The Account Build includes keywords, ads, ad extensions, budgets & bids and device targeting - all aspects of a successful Google Adwords campaign.

eCommerce Ads on Facebook

Step 4 - Optimization & Management

Ongoing optimization, monitoring and reporting builds upon itself using a continuous feedback loop to continually improve performance over time, stay competitive in changing environments, and adjust to accommodate changes in the marketplace.

We focus our optimization efforts on keyword optimization, bid optimization, ad copy testing, retargeting, extensions, sitelinks and GDN Display strategy. 

We also keep up to date on new Features, Updates and Adwords Betas. Our clients benefit from the early adoption of features that their competitors do not have access to.

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