Google Ads Launches Asset Library As Its New Creative Hub

August 11, 2022
Posted in Paid Search
August 11, 2022 Jen Lopez

Google Ads Launches Asset Library As Its New Creative Hub

Back in June, Google Ads announced a number of new tools to better help advertisers organize, store, manage, and develop creative for their paid Google Ads. Today, we want to walk you through the Asset Library, which will quickly become your “creative hub.”

Whether you are a business advertising on Google Ads yourself, or an agency managing Google Ads on behalf of clients – you’re likely familiar with sourcing creative for campaigns. The problem is two-fold, Google is often changing their campaigns types and requirements for creative, while creative teams sometimes struggle to provide so many assets, each with their own special specs. Many businesses typically have an approval and sign-off process for creative, which can slow the process down more. As a team with a very robust PPC team specializing in Google Ads, our team members noted “lack of creative” as one of the top reasons why newer campaign types couldn’t be or weren’t tested for certain clients over the last year. Apparently, Google Ads has heard the call loud and clear and has spent some time developing a solution. Enter: Google Ads Asset Library.

To help with uploading and organizing all image and video creative needed, Google Ads has created the Asset Library, which is a “visual-first” library where you and your team can easily import, view, and store creative assets for both active and inactive campaigns. By giving multiple colleagues access to the Asset Library, team members can work together to ensure assets are developed and uploaded properly. Immediate errors can be identified and fixed quickly, which allows the PPC Manager to use the assets for eligible campaign types. Display, Discovery, Performance Max, App, Local and a few ad extension types (ie, image ads) campaigns are currently supported by the Asset Library.

Google's new asset library will be advertisers' new creative hub to store different assets.

Photo Credit: Google Ads & Commerce Blog

To ensure the tool is seamless across different platforms, the Asset Library is also available in Google Ads Editor. This is great news for our PPC team, who prefers Google Ads Editor for bulk upload capabilities. However- Google Ads Editor is probably not a platform that a creative or account management team will find valuable to learn fully. Google has also noted in a recent announcement that the Asset Library will soon allow image and video imports directly from one’s Google Drive account as well.

So, what’s next for the Asset Library? Stay tuned our blog post series covering the latest tools in Google Ads and the Asset Library, including a snazzy video creation tool and a voice-over tool!