Informed Freestyling

Marketing Epiphany from a 50 year old Thai.

One of my life’s passion is muay thai and this past weekend, I got to train with the Micha Mikailian of the sport, Saekson Janjira. Out of many takeaways, the one that resonated the most was the importance of permutations – rearranging variables in a ordered fashion.

Within structure, there must room to create.  Just as every muay thai athlete knows what a punch is, what an elbow strike is, what a kick is, and what a knee strike is, it’s how the athlete strings them together that separates the Saekson Janjiras of the world from everyone else.

I am reminded of how important permutations are whenever I am asked by friends, “what’s the most important thing I should ask my marketing team?”  My answer is always, “what’s your approach?” (see eBoost Consulting’s approach here: eBoost Consulting’s Approach).  This open-ended question gets to the structure of the engagement.  Aside from communication style, what I’m looking for is what structure and tools do they bring to the table and does the person weave the room to create within that structure.   The former is typically addressed.  The latter is typically not.

Every marketer knows what PPC is, what SEO is, what SMM is, what CD is.  The magic comes in how the marketer strings them together in an ordered fashion.  The scope of work and overall business context provides us the structure.  Within that structure, there must be room to create.  It comes in nuanced differences in execution and plays out in radical differences in results.  This is where innovation can exist, where evolution happens, and where transcendence of previous work lives.

This is what I like to call, “informed freestyling“.   Informed freestyling exists in every fabric of eBoost Consulting including team member responsibilities and accountabilities, client engagements, and processes.  Checkpoints, determined by time and metrics, are used to make sure our informed freestyling is moving in the right direction.  If so, we charge on.  If not, we steer course.  With informed freestyling, efficiency happens – you can do higher quality work, faster; and more of it.  Without it, you can’t.


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