Traversing Meta Platform Outages

March 13, 2024 Ryan Sigler

Traversing Meta Platform Outages

What advertisers need to do when Meta is down.

Meta platform outages, although infrequent, can have significant implications for advertisers. Understanding how to effectively manage your ad campaigns during these periods is crucial for minimizing disruptions and optimizing performance post-outage.

Managing Meta Ad Campaigns During an Outage

To stay informed about Meta’s operational status, regularly check the Meta Platform Status Page. This dedicated resource provides real-time updates, allowing advertisers to quickly assess the situation and plan accordingly.

During an outage, you could pause time-sensitive campaigns to prevent them from running at suboptimal times. Possibly consider increasing your budget on other marketing channels temporarily or focusing on organic engagement strategies.

Post Meta Outage Campaign Management

Once service is restored, review your campaigns’ performance data carefully. Adjust strategies as needed based on any discrepancies in performance metrics caused by the outage. It may also be a good opportunity to reassess your campaign goals and refine targeting options.

If the outage significantly impacted your campaigns, contact Meta’s support to inquire about potential refunds or ad credits. Be prepared with specific data on how the outage affected your campaigns to support your case.

Meta platform outages require a proactive and strategic approach to manage effectively. By staying informed, adjusting campaigns accordingly, and communicating with Meta’s support team when necessary, advertisers can navigate these challenges and continue to achieve their marketing objectives. If you need help navigating Meta’s platform and outages, reach out to us for a proposal today.