Navigating New Fees on Meta’s Boosted Posts

February 27, 2024
February 27, 2024 Ryan Sigler

Navigating New Fees on Meta’s Boosted Posts

A Guide for Mid-Sized E-Commerce Decision-Makers

The Digital Marketing Landscape is Shifting: Here’s What You Need to Know

Recent announcements from Meta and changes by Apple are set to reshape the way e-commerce companies approach digital marketing on two of the world’s largest social platforms: Facebook and Instagram. As decision-makers in the e-commerce space, understanding these changes is crucial for optimizing your advertising strategies and budget.


Meta Passes Apple’s 30% Fee to Advertisers

In a significant policy update, Meta has declared that businesses and influencers promoting their posts on the iOS versions of Facebook and Instagram will now bear the cost of Apple’s 30% fee on digital purchases. This development stems from Apple’s revised App Store policy in 2022, which classified boosted posts as in-app purchases, thereby subjecting them to this fee. This move by Meta to pass the additional costs to advertisers could lead to higher expenses for promoting content on these platforms, affecting your digital marketing budget and strategy.


What This Means for Your E-Commerce Business

This change underscores the need to reassess where and how to allocate your advertising budget effectively. Boosting posts on Facebook and Instagram has been a staple in digital marketing strategies due to their engagement capabilities. However, with the introduction of this fee, it’s essential to weigh the cost-benefit of boosting posts on these platforms versus seeking alternative advertising avenues.


Strategies to Mitigate the Impact

  • Diversify Advertising Platforms: Consider diversifying your advertising efforts beyond Facebook and Instagram. Platforms like Pinterest, LinkedIn, or TikTok might offer more cost-effective opportunities for reaching your target audience.
  • Utilize Desktop and Mobile Web: Meta suggests that advertisers can avoid the Apple fee by adding funds to their accounts via desktop or mobile web. This workaround allows you to use the funds to boost posts across devices without incurring additional fees.
  • Optimize for Organic Reach: Invest in strategies that enhance your organic reach. Engaging content, community management, and SEO for social media can help your digital marketing efforts.

Optimization Beyond Engagement: A Strategic Advantage

Boosting a post might seem convenient for those seeking quick engagement. However, it inherently optimizes for likes, comments, and shares—metrics that, while valuable, do not directly correlate with e-commerce objectives such as sales and lead generation. Eboost Consulting emphasizes that true success in digital advertising comes from aligning your campaigns with specific business goals, such as generating sales or leads.

By utilizing Meta’s Ads Manager, we can tailor campaigns to optimize for actions further down the sales funnel, like adding to cart, initiating checkout, or making a purchase. This level of optimization ensures that your advertising budget is not just generating visibility, but actively contributing to your bottom line.


Why Partner with Eboost Consulting?

Partnering with Eboost Consulting offers e-commerce businesses an opportunity to leverage the full potential of Meta’s advertising ecosystem. Our expertise in navigating Meta’s Ads Manager allows for the creation of highly targeted campaigns, designed to meet specific business outcomes. This strategic approach is especially crucial in a landscape where costs are rising, and the need to demonstrate tangible ROI on every advertising dollar is more important than ever. Reach out today for a proposal.


Looking Ahead: Adapting to the Digital Marketing Evolution

The digital marketing landscape is continually evolving, and these changes by Meta and Apple are just the latest developments impacting how e-commerce businesses approach online advertising. By staying informed and flexible in your strategies, you can navigate these changes effectively and continue to thrive in the digital marketplace.

Your ability to adapt to these new challenges will be crucial. Re-evaluating your digital marketing strategies in light of these fees and exploring alternative advertising avenues can help ensure that your e-commerce business remains competitive and continues to grow in this ever-changing digital environment.

The introduction of Apple’s 30% fee on boosted posts and Meta’s decision to pass this cost onto advertisers marks a significant shift in the digital marketing ecosystem. For e-commerce businesses, adapting to these changes will be vital for maintaining effective advertising strategies and ensuring the continued growth and success of your online presence.

By considering the strategies outlined above and staying abreast of further developments, you can navigate these changes with confidence and continue to leverage digital marketing as a powerful tool for growth.