New Performance Max Campaigns Bolster Google Ads

February 17, 2022
Posted in Paid Search
February 17, 2022 Jen Lopez

New Performance Max Campaigns Bolster Google Ads

If you run heavy Google Shopping, you’ve likely been amazed at the performance obtainable through Google’s newer Smart Shopping campaigns, especially compared to the manual Shopping campaigns. Though they seem like a “black box” of sorts, without a lot of levers for PPC managers to pull (and no ability to add negatives) – we have to say, performance with Smart Shopping campaigns have been pretty stellar. The biggest drawback with them to date has been lack of detailed data and insights to communicate to our client teams, but performance-wise – they’ve been strong. So, we’re excited to hear Google announce that they’re further updating Smart Shopping and Local campaigns to a new campaign type called Performance Max. And, though there isn’t any more detail on the type of insights we’ll get from running them, Google alluded to giving us a bit more data to work with.

What is Performance Max?

Performance Max campaigns are an upgrade to the current Smart and Local Shopping campaigns, that heavily relies on Google’s automation to reach online shoppers and those who are looking to shop in-store. While the basic features of Performance Max are pretty much the same as Smart Shopping, meaning advertisers have very little room to optimize on their own, Performance Max campaigns do add a whole lot of new inventory and insights. Similar to Discovery campaigns, which we’ve also found success with for many of our clients, Performance Max campaigns can show ads across YouTube, Search Text Ads and the Discovery network, all while using your product feed.

What are the Initial Results?

According to Google, based on their early tests, advertisers who upgraded their Smart Shopping Campaigns to Performance Max saw an average increase of 12% in conversion value at the same or better return on ad spend (ROAS).

How do I Upgrade?

Google put together a handy timeline to help understand their process here, and keep in mind that it is subject to change, however – starting January 2022, advertisers will be able to create NEW campaigns classified as Performance Max, while continuing to run the legacy Smart and Local campaigns you already have. In April, Google will release a one-click tool that allows advertisers to easily upgrade their existing Smart Shopping campaigns. And then, in June, you’ll be able to use a similar tool to upgrade your Local campaigns. Using the one-click tool, Google claims that learnings will be used from your legacy campaigns to maintain consistent performance in the Performance Max campaigns.

Image: Google Blog

Excited to Learn More?

Google will be hosting a webinar on new Performance Max campaigns on February 22, 2022 from 3-3:30 EST. Register here.