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We will manage your paid social camapigns by executing a proven data-driven advertising approach that integrates with your marketing technology stack. With a foundation of good data hygiene, you’ll be able to make smarter marketing decisions.
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Why Is Paid Social Advertising Important?

Paid social advertising can be an effective way for businesses to increase brand awareness and reach new customers by exposing their brand to a large, targeted audience.

Additionally, paid social advertising can be used to stay top of mind for potential customers who have already shown interest in a business by targeting ads to them based on specific actions they have taken on the business’s website. This can be an effective way to reach and engage potential customers.

Paid social advertising allows businesses to reach a large, targeted audience.

Increasing Brand Awareness
By placing ads on social media platforms, businesses can expose their brand to a large, targeted audience, which can help them build credibility and establish themselves as a leader in their industry. A survey by Sprout Social found that social media advertising was the most effective way for businesses to increase brand awareness.”

Cost effective
Flexible budgeting options, allowing businesses to set a budget that works for them. Additionally, businesses can track the performance of their ads in real-time, which can help optimize campaigns and get the most out of the budget.”

Our paid social service is great for?

Marketers who is looking for a measurable results

Companies who needs a agency parter that knows how to work with data and optimize ad platforms and the performance.

Who want a cost effective ways to reach and convert your target audience.

For those struggling to optimize their existing campaign performance.

Why companies work with Eboost

Veteran Media Buyers

Our average team member has 7+ years of Facebook Ads experience and everyone who interacts with your account is a Facebook Blueprint Certified Media Buying Professional. This is what we do all day, every day and we’ve built up a treasure trove of information on how things work and what gets results.

Proven System

We have been building and refining our processes for over a decade. At this point our daily workflow is a well-oiled machine. Our team follows precise playbooks for building and optimizing campaigns and utilizes automation for mass testing. Each media buyer is freed up to focus on the fun stuff that really moves the needle: creativity and innovation.


We use a mix of proprietary internal tools and the Smartly platform to automate bids, budgets, creative testing, device targeting and more, in real time, 24/7. At the same time, our highly skilled media buyers are directing everything daily to ensure the machines are staying on task.

Winning Creative

Our library of tried and true messaging concepts, visual asset templates, headlines and calls to action grows every day. Social media moves fast and what worked yesterday may be out of favor today. We’re constantly real-world treating tens of thousands of creatives every day and spreading the learnings throughout all of our accounts.

The Power of Data

We run thousands of Facebook Ads every day uncovering trends, secrets and winning strategies. We know what works today while Professor YouTube tells you what worked last year.

Relentless Focus

We take the time upfront to gain a deep understanding of your business and goals. We then focus all of our optimization and technology efforts toward meeting and exceeding those goals.

Our Approach to Paid Social & Achieve Client Goal

Planning & Research

We leverage various tools and data to better understand and align to client’s target audience, reach, budget, and goals goals.

Audit Data

Obtain access to your web analytics tool and Tag Manager, and our data engineer will perform an audit including your ad platform data. The goal here is to understand if you have a good data for your marketers, our campaign managers to perform their job.

Account & Campaign Structure

Review account and campaign structure with incorporated best practices to maximize ad spend and traffic relevancy. Review existing campaign operations and bring recommendations to optimize campaign optimization workflow.

Campaign Launch & Optimization

Hands-on approach to ensure initial traction and relevant traffic

Data analysis after initial ramp-up period and optimization towards KPIs

Campaigns and competitors monitoring, continued optimization, testing, and audience targeting refinement

Optimize Creative and Ad Copy

We’ll work with you to optimize creative assets and ad copies by providing a hands-on approach to ensure initial traction and relevant traffic are acquired.

Expand Campaign Tactics

When the ad platform has sufficient data and learnings, we’ll enable additional campaign tactics where applicable (e.g. remarketing ads, lead forms). Once market opportunities have been identified we can focus on scalability.

First Snapshot of First 90 days with Eboost

First 30 days

Capturing Data.

Work with our data team to ensure data is accurate to be ablet o make the best decisions for the next 90days.

CAPI integration, Ensure UTMs are consistent across all campaigns

Re-evaluate what’s working, and restructure accounts and campaign if necessary.

Explore additional targeting opportunities.

31-60 days

Capture better data.

Work with data team to set up parameters to better identify what other actions users can take on the website in their path to conversion and group/prioritize and track these events in order to paint a more full picture of the funnel.

Begin testing changing optimization event if necessary. Begin testing optimizing conversion campaigns for a higher volume event to exit learning phase more quickly.

Begin identifying and making adjustments to the Retargeting campaign audiences.

61-90 days

Work with data team to further integration client data (e.g. CRM) with paid social ad platform.

Test more focused ad copy, creative, lead forms on where users are in the advertising funnel.

Test tailoring ad copy and creative towards the different ideal customer profile.

What We Deliver

Daily account optimization

  • Review daily results
  • Ensure campaigns are running as intended
  • Look for outlier results or anything that needs immediate attention
  • Respond to and implement time sensitive requests
  • Review 7-day, 14-day, and/or 30-day metrics Vs. KPIs
  • Pause underperformers & Adjust budgets and bids
  • Identify areas of creative/copy testing

Weekly updates

  • Summarize the week’s optimizations to send to client via email
  • Check events manager for any oddities
  • Check budget pacing

Bi-Weekly Testing

  • New Copy/Images/Videos
  • New Promos
  • Re-launch past strong performers
  • Test new audiences


  • Strategy call with client


  • Deep dive account review
  • Review latest platform updates, betas
  • Update CRM-based audiences

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