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See how our Paid Search team increased sales volume over 100x for a growing industrial products brand.
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The Challenge

The client was coming off of a poor experience with another agency. The account had been neglected and sales volume had dwindled. They heard about Eboost from another client of ours and were excited to get the account into more trustworthy hands.

The Strategy

This account was in such rough shape that there were a number of easy wins available right away. Just by utilizing basic best practices like optimizing match types, separating brand from non-brand keywords and pausing severe low performers, we were able to double sales volume and increase ROAS 53% right off the bat in Month 1. With a new baseline established our team got to work on expanding sales volume and maximizing efficiency.

The Tactics

The tactics here were all about the basics. After the initial best practices were implemented, we got to work adding A/B tests on all the available ad extensions, launching RLSA (Retargeting Lists for Search Ads), Google Shopping and Google Display Network retargeting campaigns. As Google Shopping started generating enough sales volume, we then launched Smart Shopping, which further increased ROAS.

We experimented with a variety of Google Smart Bidding strategies including Target CPA, Maximize Conversions, and Target ROAS. Given the client’s goals we settled on Maximize Conversions and sales volume charts have consistently been up and to the right.

The Bottom Line

Total sales have increased an average of 916% each year for the last 4 years. Revenue has increased 1,766% over that same time period. The client has expanded into Paid Social and Amazon PPC campaigns, which have produced similarly strong results and contributed to a diverse and healthy marketing mix with sustained growth continuing to this day.

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