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See how our Amazon PPC team launched and scaled from zero to $23k/month for a dried fruits brand.
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The Challenge

This was a brand new endeavor for our client, a popular dried fruits brand that sold primarily in retail. There were resellers in the marketplace taking advantage of Amazon but the brand itself had never sold on the platform before. The budget was small and the stakeholders were skeptical but there was enough interest there to at least give the channel a try.

We launched ads for several brand new listings with the goal of building up sales, reviews and organic rankings in the first few months, to prove out the channel as viable.

The Strategy

We launched with an aggressive strategy designed to quickly build up sales and reviews while also generating a sizable amount of keyword data to begin optimizing. The brand was known in retail and did have some history with other sellers on Amazon, so we were confident we could generate enough conversion volume to attain a positive ROAS and have an acceptable ACoS while simultaneously building up the listing KPIs and keyword data needed to scale.

The Tactics

Our team knew it was important to get the listings off on the right foot and start generating sales right away. At the same time, it was important to be efficient with spend due to budget constraints.

Structured Approach – We ran a mix of auto and manual campaigns to ensure we were always prospecting for new search terms while building up campaign efficiency over time. We also separated brand terms from non-brand terms so we could easily treat these very different types of keywords appropriately with specific bids and budgets.

Search Term Reports – We ran search term reports weekly to generate a strong list of negatives while also adding high-converting exact match keywords to our manual campaigns.

Listing Optimization – We advised the client on some quick wins they could get by optimizing their listings including recommendations around images, text and expanding content. We delivered the keywords we were seeing work on PPC so the marketing manager could use them to optimize the listings and add back-end keywords.

The Bottom Line

The account came out of the gate strong, generating ROI-positive sales on Day 1 and scaling up from there. By Month 6, we were generating a 470% ROAS. By Month 11, that was up to 860%.

As these high levels of efficiencies have been achieved the client has grown more comfortable with the channel and has begun putting more budget behind it to take advantage of available volume. That has resulted in more incremental sales for the company and a feather in the cap of the marketing manager who spearheaded the initiative.

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