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See how our Paid Search team laid the foundation for exponential growth for a health and safety products manufacturer.
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The Challenge

Sometimes an overnight success takes years to build.

We started working with this client when the business was just an idea in the founder’s head and have seen it through to its current state as one of the fastest growing companies in the country.

The founder was a current client for his other business and hired Eboost to build and run Paid Search campaigns for this new side project he was starting. The client believed there was a demand for the product but it was brand new in the marketplace and so we needed to build up demand from virtually nothing.

The Strategy

How could we build demand for a product no one knew about utilizing the Paid Search channel? We had to get creative.

We did our regular comprehensive keyword research process and made sure we had coverage for all relevant terms. But the search volume was low. So we expanded into tangentially related product lines where we knew many of those customers would also be interested in the client’s products. This product solved a need that was currently only possible with very expensive and in most cases unnecessary options in the marketplace. Going after keywords related to these as well as natural language queries, we were able to begin generating direct search demand from Day 1. We also utilized the Google Display Network to create brand awareness among our target audience.

The growth was slow and steady.

As the product gained awareness we started getting some direct Brand search demand. We had full coverage on these terms from before there was any volume and so we strongly owned our brand in Search and have been able to maintain very low CPCs to this day even while strong competition has developed around the brand.

After years of consistent 30% Year-over-Year growth, everything changed in March 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic. The product solved a crucial health and safety need and demand shot up by exponential orders of magnitude practically overnight. We had our solution front and center on Google with years of strong history built up so we were well equipped to handle the moment and get these products into the hands of the people that needed them quickly.

The Tactics

The team utilized the Google Display Network to build awareness of the product among the target audience. Site traffic from both Search and Display was retargeted via GDN with ad copy focused around value props and solving pain points. RLSA (Retargeting Lists for Search Ads) were leveraged to serve tailored messaging and custom bids for people that had exhibited certain behaviors and viewed specific content pieces on the website.

As Google began Beta testing its Smart Bidding features, we were early testers and adopters. In this case, we’ve settled on a Target CPA bidding strategy that has maximized conversion volume and allowed for exponential scale while maintaining strong profitability.

The Bottom Line

Over a period of several years, our Paid Search team has increased sales volume by over 100x. When demand surged earlier this year, we were well positioned in Google Search to maximize that volume. Over a 2-month period, sales increased 554% while CPA dropped by 64% resulting in a massive increase in profit. Over a 6-week period the company did more sales than they had in the previous year!

This has brought more competition into the space and as CPCs have increased by 15% to 20% we’ve been able to maintain CPAs through relentless daily optimization of the continually increasing volume. We’ve been able to maintain our top positions against the competition and sales have continued to grow.

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