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See how our Paid Social team delivered a 546% ROAS for a new apparel brand with a premium price point.
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The Challenge

Our client was a new apparel brand, seeking to support its launch with a highly targeted Facebook Ads campaign.

With a premium product (and priced accordingly), our biggest challenge was to find the right audience and tailor the perfect messaging to reach them.

We needed to convey the high quality of materials and craftsmanship, communicate the unique brand ethos and layer on social credibility cues in order to justify the high price point and drive strong sales.

The Strategy

We had to launch with a Prospecting-centric strategy by necessity. Still, we took a full funnel approach, laying out Consideration and Conversion campaigns from the get-go in order to start populating those valuable audiences from Day 1.

We started with a combination of Lookalike audiences based on the limited CRM data we had along with Interest-Based test audiences reflecting several theories our team devised around other brands our target customer would be likely to follow.

We crafted finely-tuned messaging meant to resonate with each specific audience and tested 3-5 different copy directions within each segment.

We then set up our retargeting campaigns to provide additional touch-points for each segment based on website behavior and ad interactions.

The Tactics

Our team leveraged a number of advanced tactics including some Smartly-exclusive features to get a leg up on the competition.

Dynamic Prospecting – Leveraging Facebook’s machine learning algorithms to dynamically find new prospects based on our product feed.
Dynamic Retargeting – Using our best practices we got the most out of retargeting, doubling ROAS within the first month.
Smartly Dynamic Image Templates – We were able to pull in dynamic elements not possible in the native ads manager.

The Bottom Line

This campaign came right out of the gate strong, generating a positive ROAS from Day 1. Launching a new brand on Facebook can take some time to build, so the client was beyond thrilled with this result.

The results kept increasing from there as the data started rolling in. There were some clear winners in terms of audiences and messaging directions. Our team doubled down on these winners, funneling budget to them while creating new test iterations along the lines of what was working but with key tweaks.

The result was a 546% ROAS by Month 2 and a growing customer base of passionate fans for whom this brand truly resonated.

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