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See how our Paid Search team overcame a slow start to discover the winning formula and go from a ROAS of 80% the first month to a 550% ROAS by Month 9 for a high-end retailer of children's toys.
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The Challenge

This client had been running their Paid Social with us for several months and had seen the positive impact to their business, so when it came time to launch a Google Ads campaign, they trusted us to handle the channel.

Being knowledgeable about their business from the Paid Social campaign, our team already had a strong understanding of the company, customers and competition. Nonetheless, we still did our usual Kickoff process and were able to uncover even more insights that would prove to be highly valuable throughout this engagement.

The Strategy

Our team started with in-depth research of the customer base, leveraging Facebook and existing third party data to craft messaging concepts designed to resonate with very specific types of customers.

We organized the account into tightly knit ad groups to get the cleanest data possible. Brand Search campaigns contained brand-modified keyword groups while Non-Brand Search campaigns contained generic keyword groups. This allowed our team to understand precisely what keyword/ad combinations were driving value.

The Tactics

We launched with a mix of Search and Shopping campaigns. The Shopping campaigns started slowly and were not producing a positive return. But we continued pushing budget here because we knew the eventual payoff could make it well worth it. Once we had enough data, we were able to launch Smart Shopping and this is the campaign type that truly unlocked performance on this account.

The Bottom Line

This one was a slow burn. With an 80% ROAS Month 1, the client was not getting a positive return from the channel. But they were willing to keep investing.

By Month 3, we had a break-even ROAS, which allowed us to scale up spend enough to start generating the level of data we needed to unlock our more intricate optimization processes.

That is when things started taking off.

By Month 9, we were driving a strong 550% ROAS and continuing to scale up spend – this time as an ROI-positive, revenue producing channel, as opposed to an investment.

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