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See how our paid social team established a new customer acquisition channel for an international client in the travel industry.
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The Challenge

The client had been through several agencies and in-house options and no one had been able to make Facebook Ads Prospecting profitable.

Google Ads was going well and Facebook Ads Retargeting was producing a strong return but no one could figure out how to generate new customers on Facebook.

It was a problem worth solving.

Being able to make Facebook Prospecting work would unlock a huge new source of scale for the brand.

Eboost was brought in as the next agency to take a crack at it.

The Strategy

The goal was to break even on Prospecting with a 100% ROAS. Unfortunately the best anyone had ever been able to do was around a 40% ROAS, which was too low to be sustainable.

All the usual tactics (and many novel ones) had been tried before. Our whole team got together on this one for several brainstorming sessions to try and generate new ideas that hadn’t been attempted on this account. We developed a big list of strategies and tactics including a few gems we were especially excited to try.

We built 7 different prospecting audiences and 5 messaging concepts for each audience to start with.

We launched in 6 countries to start based on which geographical regions had historically performed the best.

The Tactics

We dug deep into our bag of tricks and leveraged a whole slew of advanced functionality and automation within Smartly including:

– Travel Ads (previously called Dynamic Ads for Travel)
– Dynamic Creative with Language Optimization
– Campaign Budget Optimization
– Smartly Automated Ads
– Smartly Dynamic Video Templates
– Facebook Travel Intent Bidding

We worked with the client to optimize their Product Catalog to pass information in the optimal way for efficient, organized data collection. We were then able to zero in on precisely what was driving the ROAS in terms of audiences and ad creatives in a way that past agencies had not been able to do.

The Bottom Line

We came right out of the gate at 96% ROAS in Month 1, just short of our goal. We had found several pieces of the puzzle that were starting to fit together to generate extraordinary results.

The team was getting strong indications of clear winning audiences and creatives and we got to work on the optimization process.

Month 2 ROAS jumped to 122%.

Month 3 ROAS soared to 172%.

From there we got to work scaling up volume, as we could stand to lose some efficiency at scale while still maintaining over our 100% ROAS goal. We also implemented several Retargeting improvements to gain even greater efficiencies in those already successful campaigns.

From Month 1 to Month 4 we scaled volume by 5x while handily beating the efficiency goal.

After trying to crack this code for so long, the client was thankful they hadn’t given up and had given it one last shot with Eboost.

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