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Our monthly ads management services are priced at a percentage of ad spend.

As your spend goes up, the percentage we charge goes down.

The minimum ad spend we manage is $10k per month.

Paid Social

  • $10k - $20k = 20% of ad spend
  • $20k - $50k = 15% of ad spend
  • $50k - $100k = 12.5% of ad spend
  • $100k+ = 10% of ad spend
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  • No Setup Fees
  • Month to Month
  • Facebook Blueprint Certified
  • Powered by Smartly
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Paid Search

  • $10k - $20k = 15% of ad spend
  • $20k - $50k = 12.5% of ad spend
  • $50k - $100k = 10% of ad spend
  • $100k+ = 8% of ad spend
  • _____
  • No Setup Fees
  • Month to Month
  • Google Ads Certified
  • Powered by Adspert
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Amazon PPC

  • $10k - $20k = 12.5% of ad spend
  • $20k - $50k = 10% of ad spend
  • $50k - $100k = 8% of ad spend
  • $100k+ = 6.5% of ad spend
  • _____
  • No Setup Fees
  • Month to Month
  • Amazon Advertising Certified
  • Powered by Quartile
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Frequently Asked Questions

Sure. If your Paid Social spend is $15k in a calendar month, the management fee will be $3,000 (20% of $15k).
Yes. If you spend $30k for example, the entire $30k is treated at the $20k-$50k ad spend tier, including the first $20k, resulting in a significant savings.
We have tried many pricing models over the last 15 years. We have found the % of ad spend model to most accurately track with the resources required to manage an account as well as reflecting the value we provide through our optimization. It is also flexible and easily scales up and down through busier/lighter times of year and as clients grow.
No. Each service (Paid Social, Paid Search, and Amazon PPC) is treated separately. If your Paid Social campaign spends $10k and your Paid Search campaign spends $20k, the management fee will be $4,500 (20% of $10k + 12.5% of $20k).
The tiers reflect a combination of the complexity and resources required to effectively manage the channel, the added value we provide compared to our competitors, and the standard pricing of each marketplace.
We believe our pricing is fair and reasonable. We are priced to be around mid-market while providing a top of the market service and value.
Yes. In the case of ad spend less than $10k, we charge our minimum fee, which is calculated based on a spend of exactly $10k.
We invoice for our minimum fee on the 20th of the month prior to services due NET15. We bill for additional ad spend on the 5th of the month following services due NET15.

What Our Clients Say

We love delighting our clients. Our team goes above and beyond to make sure all clients come away from their experience with our company ecstatic about the value they received.

Best Communication

“Eboost’s customer service and communications are the best I have worked with in the last 15 years.”


Franchise Marketplace

Improved Conversion Rates

“The strategy has notably improved conversion rates and kept audience engagement high. Eboost works quickly and efficiently, integrates seamlessly with the internal team, and generates helpful reports.”

Marketing Director

Online Crafts Store

An Extension Of Our Brand

“Eboost is great at being self-starters. They really care about the intimate details of our business and have become an extension of our own brand.”

Marketing Manager

Safety Guards Brand

A Big Win

“This engagement has been a big win for us. Eboost quickly reduced our cost per conversion by 50%. This effectively allows us to double our conversions without additional expenses.”


Non-Profit Organization

Exceeded Expectations

“Eboost has exceeded our expectations. They’ve killed it month after month. The communication with the team has been very easy and they’re always available. I’m impressed by the consistent return on ad spend each month.”

Marketing Manager

Dried Foods Brand

Great Performance

“We intended to run the campaign for 3 months but due to the great performance of our Amazon Sponsored Ads we will be continuing on indefinitely.”

Marketing Director

Housewares Brand

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