We use Quartile’s advanced AI and machine learning technology to power all of our Amazon PPC campaigns.
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Cutting Edge AI

The highly sophisticated AI engine works 24/7 to deliver a highly profitable ACoS at scale.

Machine Learning

The software gets more efficient over time as it gets more data. And new data is being fed in to the system every hour based on real customer activity on Amazon via direct API access.

Real-Time Bidding

The algorithm bids based on keyword data, competitive landscape, listing conversion rate, day of week and more. Every bid is custom tailored based on how likely each keyword/product combination is to convert on any given search.

Maximum Efficiency

Set the ACoS target you need and the software finds the optimal optimization mix to deliver the efficiency you need at high volume.

Precision Data

The software generates thousands of campaigns and spins up new ones daily, testing keyword/product combinations. It knows precisely which combinations produce what results for your bottom line and takes action on that data to maximize performance.

Easy to Scale

Once a level of efficiency is achieved, we get to work scaling up volume. If profitable volume is available, our software will find it. You’ll end up with as many sales as you can handle at the profitable ACoS you need.

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