Rise of the Hunters, Reign of the Sharks

Years ago, startup companies and inventors of new products or business concepts would have to beg for the limelight. They’d use their network, call journalists, email TV producers and do everything in their power to create buzz around their “big idea.” And as ardent and hardworking as these startups were, historically, the newbies didn’t always get the glitz and glamour they’d deserve, especially with major conglomerates seeking out publicity of their own.

Nowadays, things are changing. With the creation and promotion of internet contests, social startup apps and reality TV shows, promoting your new business or invention might not be that difficult. In fact, many of these avenues are giving budding entrepreneurs the chance to rise to the top by providing full financial backing and investment deals. After so many years of searching for publicity opportunities – startups are now being called upon to share their ideas, because suddenly – the world cares! And who cares the most? Reality television producers seem to be climbing to the top of the list since they first set out to cover rising entrepreneurs in 2009.

So if you’ve been bitten by the startup bug, or if you’ve invented something useful, we’ve listed information on few great reality TV shows to help you start getting the PR you and your product or service deserve!

Shark Tank – The critically acclaimed ABC show, Shark Tank gives entrepreneurs the chance to make a business deal that will make them a millionaire. Season Three continues to make TV history, with the Sharks offering over $6.2 million of their own money in investment deals to bankroll a creative array of innovative entrepreneurs.

Invention Hunters – Steve Greenberg and Patrick Raymond are two “invention seekers,” hunting high and low across America in search of the next great food invention. In each episode, they will come across three home inventors who each believe they have a million dollar food invention. Steve and Patrick will choose one to bring to their contacts in the retail manufacturing world to convince them to produce the product and bring it to market.

TechStars – Join the grueling process of building a business from the ground up in an elite startup boot camp. Contestants are guided by top names in tech from Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and more – and judged every step of the way. It all comes down to the final pitch that will land one entrepreneur with millions of dollars from investors. Could you be the winner?

Feel free to comment below and share any additional resources you’ve heard of, tried or would love to know more about.

-Jennifer Johnstone

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