SDG&E Social Technical Terrorism Responsible for South-West Blackouts

Millions were left powerless after yesterday afternoon’s unexpected blackouts, which plagued much of the south-west United States. With the catastrophe occurring so close to 9/11, many speculate that international terrorism is brewing and that the United States should again increase the national security level. However, with so many postulating global terrorism- the root of the issue has flown under the radar.

SDeBC inside sources confirm that this event was not a national attack, but rather one misguided SDG&E SEO’s attempt at SERP monopolization. San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E), the infamous SOCAL based energy provider has been repeatedly noted for its unethical attempts to control industry rankings, as they now tack on another feeble pass at SERP domination.

“It really makes sense” says cybercrime Chief Lieutenant Johnny Chan. “One quick flip of the grid equates to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of links and social signals from the highest PR and domain authoritative sites and experts in the world.” Within seconds of the event, SDG&E became the most searched, tweeted and shared term in the world, and we can expect that the aftershock searches will continue for at least another month.”

“The ‘gridlock’ was not meant to be ubiquitous, nor last so long,” said the now incarcerated, rogue SEO, John Maclby.

This same sad story was heard after Beyond Petroleum’s (BP) devastating linkbait attempt turned ecological tragedy in the Southern Gulf a few years ago.

“These guys are techies- they don’t think this stuff through,” said Lieutenant Chan. “You can’t just cut power to a million homes and expect to flip it back on without any repercussions.”

But as they say, bad press is still press; and in the eyes of search engines, relevancy is rarely affected by sentiment. And, SDGE is laughing this one all the way to the bank with 850 new inbound links, a 5000% increase in Twitter followers, and thousands of shares, likes, tweets and + (or minus)1’s .

While it may be a PR disaster now, we should all be thinking…”Who is the real winner from all of this?” Was this the work of a tortured SEO or will we start seeing these pathetic linkbait tactics more often as the “high ups” place more pressure on SERP rankings results?

– By Matt Reilly

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