Six Hot Holiday PPC Tips

It’s December 11; only 14 days until Christmas. You are hustling to make the most of this holiday season with on- and off-line campaigns. Conversion funnels are wrapped up with a bow on top and your PPC campaigns have been working hard to drive traffic to your site. Your entire extended family is in town for a whopping two weeks and you feel like you need an army of worker elves to make the most of this advertising season. Too little time, too few hands on deck, and significant opportunity—that’s a typical holiday season for any driven advertiser. We’ve simplified PPC for you this year to six actionable tips you can try on to improve your campaign results:

1)      Look to competitors for insights and inspiration. What ads and landing pages are they using? Note tips and techniques for this and future years’ campaigns.

2)      Use ad extensions. Ad extensions increase CTR and are a no brainer (they’re free).

3)      Run your campaigns through the holiday. Don’t sell yourself short and end on Christmas morning. Shopping overflow occurs into the new year. Tweak current holiday campaigns to serve New Year’s shoppers to make the most of your advertisements.

4)      Check your negative keywords. Don’t get caught off-guard when you spend money on irrelevant keywords. Clean house now to funnel your marketing dollars to relevant keywords.

5)      Increase bids by 15-30% to remain competitive. It’s the high-season for online advertising and your standard bids just won’t do. Increase bids to stay in the game.

6)      Review your impression share and lost impression share and allocate budget accordingly. A quick Excel draw up of impressions and shares can help you to act quickly and efficiently to increase your bids and increase performance.

There you have it: six simple steps to improve your PPC performance this holiday season. And as a final takeaway, watch year over year trends. Be strategic and apply what you learn by reviewing what did and did not work each holiday season to next year’s campaigns. Look to your key performance indicators to identify areas for improvement and key successes.

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    • Anirvan Majumdar
    • February 14, 2013

    Thanks for your share.Its great to know about the six hot holiday ppc tips.

    • Arpita Bhowmik
    • December 20, 2012

    Hi Jen
    Thanks for this great post !
    The holiday tips for pay per click campaign is really useful. Checking the negative keywords regularly will be helpful.

    Thanks again

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