We use Smartly: The most advanced and effective paid social ad platform on the market.
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Creative Automation

Dynamic overlays based on the product catalog allow us to test pricing, sales, limited stock, copy variations and much more. Winning variations automatically run once statistical significance is reached.

Dynamic Ads

The right creative for the right person at the right time. We feed in the inputs based on the product feed and top performing creative and then machine learning algorithms build ads in real time on the fly for the perfect user experience to drive sales.

Automated Budget Allocation

Go beyond CBO with advanced, predictive budget allocation. Machine learning algorithms maximize sales within each campaign by reallocating budget between ad sets on a daily basis based on historic data and predicted performance.

Custom Bidding Rules

We set triggers and predictive algorithms that automatically adjust targeting, creatives, budgets, and bidding. Our team can put rules in place based on almost any marketing need from device to geo to time of day and much more.

Expanded Lookalikes

We can reach a wider audience of new prospects that share similar attributes with your customers. Utilizing Smartly’s expanded Lookalike Audiences we can go up to a 20% lookalike audience, which is double the reach available natively through Facebook.

Direct Line to Facebook

Smartly is a Facebook Marketing Partner, allowing for transparent lines of communication with Facebook reps to ensure ads are policy compliant and set up to maximize performance.

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