We use a wide variety of tools and software to quickly test, optimize and execute. This means our ad campaigns achieve peak efficiency and scale in a fraction of the time.
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The premiere paid social management software on the market. We are a preferred partner agency and include access for all paid social clients.


Optimizations Per Hour


Sophisticated AI programming utilizes machine learning algorithms to quickly achieve optimal ACoS at scale. All Amazon PPC clients gain access to this powerful technology.


Patented Algorithms


Real-time fraud prevention software to reduce wasted spend on Paid Search campaigns. All Paid Search clients get access to ClickCease for free.


Ad Spend Savings


Decision tree machine learning algorithms take thousands of data points into consideration. Bids are adjusted every hour to maximize conversions by device, demographics, user intent and more.


Bid Adjustments Per Day


In addition to utilizing the powerful 3rd party software platforms listed above, we have also developed our own proprietary suite of tools. These tools are helping thousands of digital marketers improve their efficiency and effectiveness every day.

Eboost Ad Spy

Eboost Ad Spy is a free browser extension that can be used to easily view the Facebook ads of any brand. It’s great for competitive intelligence, research, or tracking your own ads. Simply go to the website of the brand you’re interested in and click the extension. You will be taken to their Facebook Ads Library page in a new tab to see their ads.

Eboost Pixel Plus

Eboost Pixel Plus is a Shopify app that allows advertisers to add unlimited Facebook pixels to their store and set custom delays on each pixel. This is useful for agencies that might have multiple pixels shared between clients or brands with multiple ad accounts. By setting a delay, advertisers can keep retargeting audiences clean by automatically factoring out those users that bounce right away.

ACoS to ROAS Calculator

Use this free tool to quickly and easily convert ACoS (Advertiser Cost of Sale) to ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) or vice versa. If you’ve ever advertised on Amazon, you’re familiar with the ACoS metric, but this metric is rarely referenced when looking at digital campaigns holistically. Our calculator tool allows you to quickly convert between these two metrics for a variety of reporting use cases.

Facebook Ads iOS14.5 Data Loss Tool

Use this free tool to see how much data loss you are experiencing post-iOS14.5. When Apple made its iOS14.5 update in spring 2021, it severely impacted Facebook Ads reporting data. This tool allows you to enter a few key data points from your Facebook pixel and analytics tool to determine how much less conversion data you are currently getting from Facebook, compared to before the update. This can help marketers understand the true performance of their ads by isolating data loss while holding all other factors constant.

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