Coming up with unique and interesting ways to build links is an ongoing challenge for most SEO’s.  We sometimes take on clients that are in industries that are not very interesting, but none the less, they still need links.  So the challenge arises, how do we get people to link to this site when it’s […]

With the recent merge of Bing and Yahoo a lot of SEO’s will be carefully dissecting data to better understand what major factors affect the Bing search results and how those factors compare to how Google ranks websites. It only makes sense that this is done, search volume will inevitably increase in Bing and you […]

You should put the title of the posting in the main ad too – not just in the title field – and you must put it between h1 tags. This will give your ad a huge edge in the search engines. Craigslist automatically puts the title in the TITLE field between h2 tags, but that […]