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Protecting Your Brand on Amazon: Amazon Brand Registry

As someone who purchases nearly everything on Amazon (#primeforlife), I am very aware of who I…
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Amazon Sponsored Products: What’s New with Placements?

For many search marketers, having the perfect ad is everything! For those of us who live…
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VR/AR: Marketing’s New Realities

Jaron Lanier founded VPL research in 1984 and is credited with coining and popularizing the term…
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Google Ads Competitor Campaigns – Do or Don’t?

Let’s talk about a common question I get as a paid search marketer. “Should I be…
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3 Ways To Create Instagram Stories Ads Even If You Don’t Have A Fancy Creative Team

Let's be honest, Instagram Stories are fun. Less commitment than a 'real' Instagram post, less pressure…
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Why Bidding on Your Brand Makes Sense

If you’re advertising in Search, either through Google Ads or Bing Ads, you’ve likely wondered about…
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