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Our Favorite Google Ads Bid Strategies

In our last blog post on Google Ads, we made the case for Smart Bidding using…
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Google’s Machine Learning: The Case for Smart Bidding

Ever sit and wonder about today’s tech advancements, and how they were once dubbed as just…
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Ultimate Guide to Message Extensions on Google Ads

There are a variety of ad extensions available in Google Ads and new extensions are being…
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Five EASY Google Ads Account Fixes To Make Today

Whether you are a seasoned PPC marketer or a business trusting your Google Ads to an…
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Facebook Removing Relevance Score, Replacing with 3 New Metrics 😱

On April 30 2019, Facebook will remove the all-important Relevance Score from its advertising platform. Should…
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Why You Should Be Using Amazon ‘Stores’

Sometimes, it can be tough to get noticed in the digital age. Increased competition can make…
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