The Four Best B2B Features You Should Be Using On Google Ads

April 5, 2022
Posted in Paid Search
April 5, 2022 Jen Lopez

The Four Best B2B Features You Should Be Using On Google Ads

While we run a ton of B2C campaigns in Google Ads here at Eboost Consulting, we’re also no stranger to developing and managing strong B2B campaigns on the platform as well. But most times, when pitching Google Ads as a viable channel for B2B companies, we often get some questions about Google Ads’ capabilities for B2B advertisers, and many companies wonder if it is really the right channel. This hesitancy has grown even more so, particularly with competitors out there like LinkedIn who have more specific targeting available, like “job title”. And while Google Ads doesn’t have targeting options that specific just yet, they do have a ton of features that we love for our B2B campaigns. Here are four of our favorite B2B features on Google Ads:

Enhanced Lead Conversions – Enhanced Lead Conversions is a new tracking capability that allows Google Ads advertisers to see true backend purchases and associated revenue generated from their Google Ads lead-gen campaigns. With proper setup, that data will be available in Google Ads and with enough of it, it could be used as an optimization lever. You can read more about Enhanced Lead Conversions in our full article covering it.

Industry Audiences – While this was kind of quietly rolled out, Google Ads also now offers some broad industry targeting options. You can select which audiences to apply to your campaigns, and choose to “observe” them or “target” them. We tend to observe Industry data first, and then bid adjust the audiences based on performance. If one audience does particularly well, we might break them into a separate campaign targeting them alone, with more specific ad copy to really zero in on our target. Using Industry targeting in Google Ads is a great way to hone in on your audience across any and all networks since the targeting is widely available.

Employer Size Audiences – Many B2B companies are looking for prospects that are “just the right size”. Most often for us, our B2B clients are looking for enterprise-level businesses to purchase their software. A great add on to our campaigns has also been the Employer Size audiences. We add these audiences to our campaigns in observation-mode and again, bid adjust based on performance. Even if there is limited conversion data on each Google-defined audiences, even where the clicks and impressions fall can let you know if you’re on the right track with reaching the right audience. While the audience sizes are quite broad, we’ve still found this targeting helpful for our campaigns and learning how users are most likely to search based on which audience bucket they fall into.

Lead Form Extensions – While this concept has been tested many times in Google, in some form or another – we are really liking Lead Form Extensions. Campaigns with Lead Form Extensions help generate leads by letting people submit their information in a form directly in your ad – cutting out the whole landing page process. Reference this article, where you can find requirements and how to set them up. What we love about these is that they can run as part of Search, Video, Discovery, and Display campaigns, which can certainly help their reach.

While there are so many other great ways to reach your B2B audience, many of which our team is actively using and testing, we really love the four we listed out for you today. If you’re interested in learning more about how to reach your B2B target on Google Ads, reach out to our team today or drop us a comment below.