The Rich Uncle

15 Minutes to Better Branding

Digital branding is one of the highest demand strategic consulting items for us this year.  My observation is that this is due to one reason: the economic situation of the past two years caused companies to lose touch with who they are, what they do, and why they matter.  In our engagements and workshops, we facilitate our clients through a myriad of questions and conversations to identify what needs to be done.

Here is a great exercise from design thinker Marty Neumeier that we’ve used with tremendous insight.  I got this from his Innovation Workshop series.  It’s called “The Rich Uncle”.  Set up a 15 minute meeting with your team and run your team members through it.  I’m sure you’ll reveal the source of your company’s passion again.  Always a fantastic place to start in rebranding.

Exercise: The Rich Uncle

Imagine that you just received $50 million from a rich uncle that you never knew you had.  Would you go back to work the next day?

List the reasons why you would keep working despite your new-found wealth, or, if you wouldn’t, list the things that would have to change to keep you there.

Work independently for 5 minutes then share your responses with the team.  Write every idea down on a whiteboard and look for commonalities.  Your commonalities are the sources of passion that tie your team together.


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