The Secret to Advocacy Marketing

Robust advocacy-marketing programs are achieving significant revenue gains – 10 to 20 percent for established products and up to 100 percent for new products.

Advocacy marketing is a new(er) term in marketing paved by rise of social media, mobile commerce, and location-based promotions in the past two years. You’re not going to believe this – it entails advocates creating more advocates.   </sarcasm>  In other words, advocacy marketing is word-of-mouth marketing repackaged in a fresher, more palatable term.

Linguistics (and good-natured teasing) aside, advocacy marketing gives us a great opportunity to reiterate and re-educate companies about making its customers a pseudo-unpaid-marketing team. The secret to a winning advocacy strategy is to find the right people and get them talking about the right things, in the right places. It requires three key capabilities:

  1. Customer Insight
  2. Message Creation
  3. Digital Outreach

Overall, it comes down to removing the clutter.  Identifying your key personas who can drive advocacy (hint: it’s not always who you think), focusing one simple message they can repeat, and giving them the tools to repeat it in the places they want.

In other words: finding the right people, getting them to talk about the right things, and in the right places.  🙂


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