This Just In: Microsoft Advertising Launches Promotion Extensions

November 17, 2020
Posted in Paid Search
November 17, 2020 Jen Lopez

This Just In: Microsoft Advertising Launches Promotion Extensions

If you’ve been a PPC Manager for a while now, you likely are a fan of the Promotion Extensions offered in Google Ads. Back when they first launched in Google Ads, they were only available during certain shopping holidays, with pre-set “Occasions” as part of the extension setup, you could only run them for holidays like “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”. Eventually though, Google Ads released “None” as an Occasion option, allowing Promotion Extensions to run throughout the year, so long as there was a valid monetary or percentage discount. Here you can see an example of a promotion extension in Google Ads, which can be scheduled to run for a set duration:

Now that Promotion Extensions have been available for a few years in Google Ads, it looks like another engine has showed up to the (holiday) party!

Enter: Microsoft Advertising (aka Bing).

As we all know, Microsoft Ads likes to let Google lead in the beta department on many fronts, and Promotion Extensions were no different. Now that they are here to stay in Google Ads, Microsoft Ads has released them just in time for the holidays!

According to the Microsoft Ads Help Center, Promotion Extensions have now been released to some advertisers (primarily in the US from what advertisers are reporting). They work nearly identical to the Promotion Extensions in Google Ads, and also contain a list of preset occasions for which you can run the extension (including “None”). Additionally, these can be set up at the account, campaign or adgroup level, just like with Google Ads.

One other major win?

These will also have the ability to sync from Google Ads if you are migrating them in.

How to Create Promotion Extensions in Microsoft Ads:

  1. Login to your Microsoft Ads account
  2. On the left, click All Campaigns
  3. From the page menu, click Campaigns or Adgroups
  4. In the table, click the campaign or adgroup you want the extension to be associated with
  5. From the page menu, click Ads & Extensions
  6. From the top of the page, click Extensions
  7. If not already selected, click Promotion Extensions
  8. Click Create Ad Extension, then Add new Promotion Extension
  9. Select the Occasion from the dropdown and enter the Display start date and Display end date
  10. Select the Language and Currency
  11. Select the Promotion Type and enter the promotion type details
  12. Enter the Final URL
  13. Select the Promotion details
  14. Click Save

Have you set up your Promotion Extensions in Microsoft Ads yet?

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