Where are we…?

BoostStrapping has moved and boy, are we woozy! It’s not unlike waking up from a post-July 4th slumber, minus the grogginess and incessant craving for a California Burrito.

There’s a lot of self-placed pressure in drafting the first post of a new address. It’s like walking in a new home; you’re afraid to walk on the carpet. But now that I jotted the first two sentences (the proverbial muddy-shoes-on-new-carpet), I feel much better. Now, it feels more like home.

Anyhow, let’s see, it’s difficult to know where to begin. Perhaps with a little something something as to why you should read the blog regularly, hmm? Well, being fortunate enough to walk the history of eBoost Consulting, let’s talk about how it germinated and what it is today, shall we?

BoostStrapping is a clever take on “bootstrapping”, see. We first opened the conversation on November 14, 2006 from Mel’s Diner in San Francisco during what is internally known and begrudgingly remembered as the “purple-and-green” era. Back then, we were a small consulting firm that didn’t know what the future held and were equipped with an aptitude for learning and a fierce belief in one another. We operated on two principles: make decisions fast and put the people (our clients & our team members) first.

Much has changed over the past few years. Our eBoost family rolls deep now, double-digits in our nuclear family, and extending to many graduates from our kick ass mentor/internship program, and network of loyal clients. During the way, we also figured out what drives the business and figured out what grows the business. That said…

…not much has changed over the past few years. Our days are still charged with the adrenaline rush of a drag race. We still go at full speed 24/7. If we’re not at work, we’re out somewhere with one another, brains spinning over work ideas. We love this business. We love what we do. It’s not work for us, it’s fun. We go to work or talk about work. It’s actually pathetic to be honest. We don’t encourage it. It just is.

When we started this blog, eBoost Consulting was just another agency. We were passed over by potential clients and more established agencies lapped us in earnings a few times over. We weren’t ignorant to it. But we were stubborn. Agencies are competing on one-off service-lines? Fine. We’ll create our own business model as a consulting firm. Clients are being more transactional with programs? Fine. We’ll only work with clients that ‘get’ the value we bring. Marketing professionals are spending less time at companies, demanding more pay when companies can’t afford it, and fighting over titles? Fine. We’ll make business a team game. Why not? We had nothing to lose.

Its like Micha is OctoMom, right?

It's like Micha is OctoMom, right?

Which brings me to today.

Here’s a take on originality. I subscribe to the school of thought that to achieve greatness in something, you have to know everything…or know nothing. Only then is the mind unfettered by convention, untouched by the work of others, and then -and only then- can you produce something unique, something extraordinary. We knew nothing enough to create a business model where our people were trained to know everything. We happen to think eBoost Consulting is pretty extraordinary as a result.

November 14th 2006 to July 7th 2009 and onward, BoostStrapping is a living journal of our journey in cultivating something extraordinary. We share our expertise with you, showcase key takeaways, evaluate new marketing tools, and describe all – both good and bad – about growing this business. For those who have joined us from Day 1, thank you. You all understand what “BoostStrapping” is. For those who are new, welcome. You’ll understand soon enough.

Thanks for poking around here. I’ll be back with more posts soon and (in a new and pleasant wrinkle) so will the rest of our team. =)


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  1. I'm curious to find out what blog platform you are working with? I'm having some minor security problems with my latest blog and I'd like to find something more safe. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Danielle
    • October 29, 2009

    It’s posts like this that make me so proud to have been a small part in the now momentous eBoost picture… thank you for sharing the journey this way and keeping the kool-aid alive for those of us who can’t drink it quite so often anymore.

    I can’t wait to see what the future holds or rather, what future you guys create…

  2. Reply

    hahaha. Dude, you OWN the house, lol. Yeah, this ride is too fun, let’s keep it going, shall we? 😉

    And yesssssssir, it’s still known as BoostStrapping.


    • Micha
    • July 8, 2009

    So does that make me the first annoying house guest who wont stop talking to you while your trying to unpack 🙂 … Seriously bud, its been a fun and crazy ride! Can’t believe we started the blog in 06 and here we are looking forward to 10! Cheers to an awesome new place for our Blog, AAAOOOWWW!!!

    BTW: Are we still calling it BoostStrapping ??

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